USC stripped of ’05 BCS title; who’s next?

Now that the BCS has obliterated USC’s 2004-05 season as a result of a host of NCAA violations, most notably star running back Reggis Bush receiving improper extra benefits, what school will be next to incur the governing body’s wrath? columnist Mark Kreidler has a column out today that says USC’s fall from grace may just be the first in a line of rather significant college football programs that includes Oklahoma, Auburn and, last but definitely not least, Ohio State and its still-unfolding morass of illegalities and lies.


  1. Duane Byrge says:

    “Host of Penalties”: It was Reggie Bush receiving free housing etc for his parents, which he iniiated on his own.

    No one can obliterate the 55-19 shellacking that USC gave Oklahoma in the BCS title game. The game wasn’t as close as the score.

    Most madly, the NCAA penalties were drummed up by former Miami Athletic Director Paul Dee (who reigned during the unbridled days), who headed up the Star Chamber Committee and who simply came up with 30 scholarships off the top of his head. However, Notre Dame Assoc. Ath. Director Missy Conboy, as the #2 on the Infractions Committee, had absolutely no conflict of interest.:) Or, of course, Dee’s appalling A.D. record. What next, Weiner on an Ethics Committee?

    • Howard Burns says:

      Thanks, Duane. I can’t peak to Mr. Dee’s investigation but I can agree that his tenure as AD at Miami was not the school’s finest moment. USC will rebound in a big way if Lane Kiffin keeps his nose clean. That we can rest assured of.

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